Southern Mensurationists Awards

In 2009 Lewis Jordan and Ray Souter started the Mike Strub Challenge contest, to honor Mike Strub's inquisitory mind, tenacity in pursuing forest related questions, and not the least, its kindness. In 2012, John-Paul McTeague introduced two awards dedicated to the people who impressed the Southern Mensuerationists Annual Meeting audience. The two awards are dedicated to the best presentation of a student and the best presentation of a researcher. Because the two awards are decided at the end of the meeting, the awards are given during the following annual meeting.

In 2013 Dr. Strimbu proposed a new award, called "SOMENS Achievement Award", which honors people that contributed significantly to quantitative southern forestry. The award aims at senior researchers that are associated with the Southern Mensurationists group and have shaped the forest research of/from the southern region of the USA.

  • The Mike Strub Challenge is coordinated by Dr. Jordan. The information about the challenge is available at Mike Strub Challenge. The answers should be sent to dr. Strub at
  • Nominations for the SOMENS Achievement Award can be submitted on-line at Achievement Award.



  • Quantitative Management
  • Plantation Management
  • Computational Forestry
  • Inventory Issues
  • Growth and Yield Modeling
  • Data and databases
  • Harvest scheduling
  • GIS applications

Important dates

  • Call for Abstracts: Mar1
  • Abstract Deadline: Sep 1
  • Early registration deadline: Sep 1
  • Hotel reservation: TBA